The World of Thomas Media.

Before I became a professional in News Writing, I hardly  knew anything about the news and all the components. When I read newspapers, I did not know there were so many different voices of news and how you can portray all of them in one newspaper. I started out really slow and could not get through a story without asking numerous questions and taking an entire class to finish an in-class writing piece. Even though I thought I was finished, I came to later learn how I could have changed a ton of my stories to make them more interesting and breathtaking.

Over this course of time, I have come to realize my favorite and my strength component of the different writings was Lede. My lede started getting better and better each time we wrote a new piece/=. My mind is always going and never stopping, so I am constantly thinking of new ideas of how to inform my reader, while drawing them into the story simply by the first sentence. I even picked up new ideas of how to be more creative and entertaining to spice up my lede to being perfect. Now that I am a natural-born killer in the news writing profession, my possibilities are endless and I cannot wait for the next topic to cover and draw my readers into.